Why I Love Solving Crosswords ?

You’re an Extra-Special Snowflake: (At least, that’s what a New York Times journalist once said to me while promoting the New York Times crossword puzzle.)
You’re Not a Cheater: Doing a crossword puzzle is like running a marathon. It’s something you like to do, but you certainly won’t get any medals for doing it. There are rules.
You Do It For the Pleasure: Have you ever really felt that, deep down inside, you want to make people feel good? Well, that’s what puzzles do for me. I’m like a magician. I get a thrill out of making others happy.
Why You Might not Be Good at Crosswords
You Don’t Mind Feeling Like an Idiot: Crosswords and other problems may not be brainteasers for all. There are many crossworders who don’t really like figuring out the answers. This is perfectly fine, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the puzzle. But if it does, you may not like this game much.
You Like to Create Clues: If you want to put something clever in a clue to make it stand out, you won’t have to work too hard. If you want to give out some of your own ideas, that’s great. And if you have enough brains to figure out who did it before you write your clue, you’ll get your payback.
You Have a Comfortable Life: Do you need a lot of fun in your life? Have you had enough of feeling smart to last you a lifetime? You need to exercise your brain and test your skills in other ways.