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About Us.

We are online community solve crosswords in encyclopaedic manner for readers like you. We publish puzzles to which readers from around the world solve and send us the solutions to allow us to publish the most authentic crossword puzzles.

Our Story

Our story starts from swiss cottage library in London . A few years ago two keen crossword solvers, Amit and Indu, started solving a series of crosswords published in the London Times on weekends.

The time passed by and slowly but steadily, they managed to discover more interesting crosswords in different newspapers, and the word got around and community grew .

The two continued to develop the free online puzzle community, and gradually built a solid group of readers, who shared their love for crosswords.

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If you are interested in joining crossword community and solving fun puzzles at then you are most welcome. We are always looking for members to solve more crosswords online and also publish new unique crosswords.
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