This page highlights some great sources of legal advice from solicitors, whether for divorce, employment law or injury claims. It is not always easy to find good legal advice you can rely on, and which is cost effective, but the internet has certainly helped. For example, many people will now be aware that for commercial law, off the shelf business contracts or contracts of employment can be found very cost effectively. If you feel that a standard template is not for you, you may want to seek solicitors who accept that they need to give you a fixed price quote, to be transparent about costs of amending a template only. In other words, that are flexible.

On the other hand, like almost every other service out there, price comparison sites are springing up now for solicitors. taking legal advice is not the same as shopping for an insurance quote, not all solicitors are the same, it is important to get the right one. The old adage that “cheap can cost you dear” and “you get what you pay for” should be borne in mind. In areas such as conveyancing, going to the cheapest may well mean a lack of service or even shortcuts. with divorce or family law, it is vital that you trust your lawyer implicitly and the relationship is very personal.

We would always recommend meeting with a solicitor to find out if he or she is the right one for you, find out about them and their experience, perhaps ask for references and follow up. Get a feel for what their service levels are like, are they proactive … ? This is perhaps the biggest complaint based on research that people have about solicitors, that they are slow and have no concept of proactive service, so bear this in mind.

Let us know about your experiences please, if you find some good solicitors, let us know, and explain why you rate them.