Child abuse and neglect – depressing figures

Child abuse – depressing figures

Calls to the NSPCC Helpline reporting suspected child abuse and neglect have reached record levels, the children charity has disclosed.

  • In 2010/11 NSPCC counsellors referred over 16,000 serious cases to police or social services, a 37% increase on the previous year and the biggest annual increase in referrals recorded.
  • 46% of reported concerns so serious they had to be passed on to the authorities – a huge increase of 39% from the previous year.
  • NSPCC research suggests nearly 1 in 5 secondary school children in the UK has been severely neglected during childhood, with figures up 81% to 6,438 cases, followed by some 4,100 cases of reported physical abuse, just over 1,500 cases of sexual abuse and 2,932 cases of emotional abuse.

These figures clearly reflect societal change, the breakdown of family law and extended families and the pressure on parents financially. There would appear to be no short term fixes for reform of legal services and the worry is that these figures are perhaps strongly indicative of a country or society underlying “health” and the signs are not positive. What do you think ?

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